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Am I Called?

Happy Tuesday CBC! I believe I've made this comment elsewhere, but I'll do it again here for posterity's sake - this will be the last time I make an excuse for why my blog posts are so far spaced apart, lol. I'm bad at keeping up with a blog. And again... with writing assignments for classes, lesson and sermon prepping, excuse excuse excuse.... it may honestly just be that I post a blog every once and awhile. My prayer is, though, that when I do, it is beneficial to the spiritual health and well-being of the saints of Crossroads Baptist in Corinth, MS and any other believer in Christ who may happen to stumble upon our church website!

At any rate, I thought I would also try to help keep somewhat regular posts flowing by sharing my papers with you all. At this point, many of may have already started falling asleep, and that's okay! However, I do think it's helpful to see what kind of work that is being generated outside of Sunday morning sermons. This isn't to say that I feel the need to do this, but I also thought you might actually enjoy reading what I am giving some of my time to on a regular basis.

This first paper that I'm going to share with you is the one that we had a Facebook poll on back in Spring of 2020. I wrote this paper for my Christian Ethics course. The paper itself is on the nature of calling or vocation. I won't give too much of an intro here because I feel as though I covered it pretty well in the 12 pages that follow. In all honesty, the fun (yes fun!) part about writing this particular paper was that it reawakened in me a desire to know more about, and to understand how to communicate better, the area of Christian Vocation. So much so that, no joke, I really kind of want to read and write more about it. As you'll note throughout the paper, being called as a Christian is in itself a vocation. We never really think of the Christian life in this manner. Usually, when we discuss our vocation, we are referring to our careers not our lives. For the Christian, the line between sacred and secular is not black and white. We don't live in the sacred on Sunday's and in the secular Monday-Saturday; we live in the sacred from the moment of regeneration into Christ.

My prayer is, as you read this paper that you'll not only come to a better understanding of Christian Vocation, BUT that you'll also be left with MANY MANY questions on how to understand more. If so, reach out to me, I'll be happy to supply you with a reading list! You may not find reading as enjoyable as I do, but in our age of isolation and distraction, we need to recapture our ability to read and think critically (yes, even those of you who don't believe you can do it. You can, I promise! And I'm willing to walk that journey with you!).

SO... without rambling on too long, click the attached PDF to download/pull up this paper. Give me your feedback. Print it off and write in the margins and give it to me if you want. I want to better understand how I can be a better teacher for you, and feed back helps! Let me know your thoughts!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Pastor Nick


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