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Happy Monday, church! Grace and Peace to you in Jesus! As we are still in the season of Eastertide, let me loudly type with vigor - "HE IS RISEN, INDEED!"

Because I have made a personal commitment to update this blog on a weekly basis, I thought it would be fun to share a picture that my lovely bride took of our first ReGathering after our 2 month hiatus due to COVID19.

Let me explain why I am calling it a ReGathering and not "reopening" - Because the church is never closed! I am reading a wonderful book (among beaucoups/bookoos of other books) on the definition of the word "church" in the New Testament. While I have shared the same opinion of the definition of "church" with the author for quite some time, he has helped me to define and refine my understanding a little better. BUT the basic point is this: the church is NOT the place, it's the people.

Let me explain this a little further: While we all rightly desire a meeting place, desire to own our own building, have a nice beautiful facility in which to worship, learn, fellowship, and commune together around the Lord's Table, IF that building were to be removed we would STILL be Crossroads Baptist Church. The Church, the bride of Jesus, has spent the last 2000 years meeting in catacombs, homes, the woods, backyards, city parks, and yes even in beautiful cathedrals and small little country chapels.

Working off of a point I made in the last post, I think one of the "sacred calves" that COVID19 has helped us to sacrifice is the thought that we HAVE to have a building in which to meet or that we have to have a building in which to even exist! Nothing can be further from the truth. This is why, other than for safety purposes, I am suggesting we do a backyard bible study at my home over the course of the summer. This is why I have been stressing the idea of being in one another's homes. CBC as a GATHERING at 1020 CR 400, Corinth, MS 38834 does alright for itself. CBC as a GATHERING outside of 1020 CR 400, Corinth, MS 38834 does not. This isn't to hurt feelings, this is just the truth and we know it.

What's my point and where am I going with this? It's this one simple thing and then I'll close out this post: We need to do better at being a community. Let's be in one another's homes, intentionally. Let's gather around one another's tables, intentionally. Let's not settle for seeing one another only on Sunday mornings. Jesus intended the Church to do life together. This is why we see the church living as it did in those first few chapters of Acts. Hopefully, PRAYERFULLY, this Backyard Bible Study over the summer months will help us begin to see the benefit of doing life together, being in one another's homes, and (in a lot of ways) being all up in each other's business, lol. That last one is a typical characteristic of small town life, but it's never done with the purpose of encouraging one another towards holiness. Let's do that instead!

There's a lot that COVID19 has done to change our understanding of "normal," but I feel that there are many ways in which the body of Jesus Christ can use that for the benefit of the Gospel and the benefit of the redeemed community. I'm excited! I pray you are too!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Pastor Nick


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